We have a huge warehouse full of supplies and no red tape (except, of course, for the stock on our shelves).

With one phone call, one shipment, and one invoice, Rocketline gives you a total-package solution for all your facility needs.

Blasting off years before the first manned moon landing, 1966 to be exact, we have a simple service style that lets clients tailor our business practices to their needs. We strip away bureaucratic policies and multiple layers of red tape so our clients are served by empowered support teams delivering quicker, better service.

It’s not rocket science—it’s Rocketline.

Packaging & Shipping

From A to Z, if it’s packaging, we probably have it, and if we don’t, we’ll get it! Stretch wrap, tapes, stock boxes, and bubble wrap (you know, that soft, bumpy plastic sheet that’s fun to pop?), and thousands of other off the shelf stock items for your convenience.  But we know one size rarely fits all, unless you’re buying a muumuu, and even its universal-size claim is questionable. Custom products are our specialty! Custom corrugated boxes, polybags, labels, and everything in-between, branded with your logo, or message, to meet your requirements.

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Food Packaging

No one does food packaging better! Rocketline is your first and last stop whether you’re looking for stock items, or custom packaging that lets consumers know that delicious apple pie and scrumptious hummus dip came from your impeccable chefs (or your great grandma’s secret recipes—don’t worry… we won’t tell). We brand your signature on a variety of stock and custom packaging, including pouches, roll stock films, trays, coffee bags, bakery containers, platters, and foil products. Rest assured, no one will swipe the cookies from your cookie jar (rather, stand up pouch) because we also provide shrink bands, and other tamper resistant solutions, to protect your cuisine from meddling hands and tampering.

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Health & Safety

OK, let’s get serious now—Health & Safety is no joke! We provide you with the following product types to prevent ouchies, boo boos, and loud cussing among your staff: eye, hearing, respiratory and head protection; thermal, rain and HiViz wear; hair coverings, various gloves, coveralls, aprons, gowns, lab coats, sleeves, and shoe covers. Whether you’re baking cakes, mixing cosmetics, or welding steel tubes, Rocketline has you covered!

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Janitorial & Sanitation

From bathroom tissue to floor squeegees, everything you need to keep your facility and employees as healthy and germfree as possible can be found in our Janitorial & Sanitation product lines. Products types include paper towels, facial tissues, bathroom dispensers, wipers, hand cleaners, protective creams, garbage bags, waste containers, sweepers, spill-control items, wet and dry mops, ice melters, matting, cleaning chemicals, and odour-control gadgets.

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Materials Handling

Your materials aren’t going to move themselves, but you’re in luck! We provide a whole whack of equipment to transport products around your warehouse, like pallet trucks, hand trucks, platform trucks, carts and ladders. We even offer storage and organizations supplies because a messy space is an obstacle race.

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